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Why Choose Us?

At Wacanza, we create unforgettable group trips designed for young adults aged 18-35.

Our itineraries are packed with thrilling activities, giving you the chance to experience new cultures, make new friends, and create lifelong memories.

Join our trips and you'll get to explore the world in a fun and adventurous way!

Image by Nicolas J Leclercq

Why Choose Us?

The best experience, everything was arranged so seamlessly. The itenary is well researched, the days are planned professionally, leaving us with a blissful experience.
Communication is done with such ease, that makes travelling to offbeats places hassle free!
Hats off to Anuj and team!

Thank you for giving us such a memorable, beautiful experience of a lovely hidden place.

Taba Yam Ana

It’s been one of my best travelled destination so far 😍 @wacanza_trips 
Thank you for this wonderful experience 🤗
I recently travelled to Thailand with Wacanza.
From start to finish, it was an absolute delight!
The accommodations were great, providing comfort and a perfect home away from home. The itinerary was perfectly crafted, offering a perfect mix of relaxation and fun. Anuj was a great tour buddy; he made sure that we had a fun experience throughout the trip. This trip certainly exceeded all my expectations! I can’t wait to plan my next adventure with Wacanza!
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