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What happens after you book a trip?

Thank you for booking a trip with us we are excited to travel with you!

Please be informed that the advance amount paid is non-refundable & non-transferrable.

The remaining amount is to be paid as per the respective terms & conditions.

We request you to share the following with us via email.


•Govt. approved photo ID proof
•Your Date of Birth
•Emergency contact no. which we can reach out to you on.
•Share your flight tickets (if applicable)
•Inform us if there is anything specific, medical concerns, or something you're allergic to.

A WhatsApp group will be created, and you will be added if you have made your booking (Through Partial payment / Complete Payment).

(Generally, 4/20 days prior in case of domestic/international trips respectively)

All trip-related relevant information will be shared with you through the WhatsApp group & you can start interacting with your co-travelers. Do have a look at the 'what to pack' section which is mentioned in the trip itinerary to help you get ready for traveling light and comfortably. (It's ok we also skip it most of the time, but now is the time. Check it!!)

Our official number (+91 8287048378) can be shared with your family just in case you are not reachable as we explore the world together.

For any further questions, let's connect on Whatsapp

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